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AW- first major check!

I cannot believe it. I finally got something done. WHEW! I ordered my dress! When I first got engaged, i immediately fell in love with a dress on J. Crew's website. My closet is stuffed with J. Crew and they know me by name in our local store. hehe Anyway, I noticed that the dress no longer was available in my size a few months ago and I freaked!!! I was heartbroken. For some reason, this morning, I decided to see if their Fall line was out yet and there was my dress. Out of curiosity, I checked the sizes and surprise- there it was! I made a noise that surely scared my co-workers! As an added bonus, my mom didn't really like the dress in my bio for some reason, but she really likes this one. So, now she'll get off of my back about it. YAY!

EDIT: Another bonus: HUGE COST SAVER! It's about 1/6 of the cost of my European gown choice. YAY!!!!!!! I love a good deal.

Silk tricotine Avery dress


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