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Choosing the bridal party...

I've been thinking about who I want for my bridesmades (fiance and I decided against having any MOH or best man), and I came up with a cousin, two friends, and his sister- who I don't really know or get along with much but I don't want to cause family problems.

Problem is, he has a few female friends he has said he wants to be "groomswomen". I am friends with them also, but not quite enough to make them bridesmaids- if I did, then I'd have 6 at a wedding of 150 or less. However, I would like a more traditional wedding and am not thrilled about the idea of two of the four groomsmen being girls. We've talked about giving the girls other large roles in the wedding but he still seems set on having at least one of them in the bridal party... should I get rid of one of my friends? his sister? let him have girls in his side anyway? or have an uneven bridal party of 6 girls and maybe 2 guys on his side? I don't want to disagree about one little thing but I don't want to be unhappy with the setup either. Advice?
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