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Ring Bearer/Flower Girl Issues

I want to have a ring bearer and flower girl in my wedding. I wanted to ask the younger of my two nephews, but I don't want his older brother to feel left out (they're 6 and 7). My gut says I should include both boys in some way, but I'm not sure how. Any ideas?

I've got the same issue for my flower girl. I want to ask my cousins oldest girl (she's 4), but there's a younger sister also. Can I have two flower girls?

Re: Ring Bearer/Flower Girl Issues

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    We had two RBs and two FGs (two sets of twins).  There's no reason why you can't.  It sounds like it would make sense to have two RBs but not two FGs if the oldest is 4.  4 is the youngest age I'd want a FG, and the younger one is unlikely to feel left out at her age (which I assume is 2ish?).
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    I have seen a few weddings where they have 2 sets, and I've also seen people not have any for the sake of not hurting anyone's feelings.  Do you have any extra attachment to either kids that could justify them being in it over the other?  I have a large family with many younger cousins which could make it difficult to choose.  But only one of them is my Godson so I asked him to be the RB.  And of the younger cousins there is only 1 girl, so it was a no brainer who my FG was.

    My RB does have an older brother (RB is 3 and his brother is about to turn 5).  Their mom is also my MOH, so at first when he knew his brother was in the wedding and his mom, he said to me "am I in the wedding too?"  I felt bad for a half a second until my uncle said "you're going to sit with me at the wedding and hand me tissues when I cry when they all walk down the aisle."  He was super excited for that "job" and never said anything else again.

    I think you'd be fine to just pick one of each, but also totally fine to have 2 sets of RB/FGs.
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    Yes, you can have two flower girls.
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    it's up to you really....

    i have two little flower girls - one has an older brother that is 9, too old to be RB (IMO) but the family didn't mind or care...

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    I kinda have the same problem - my fiance has one nephew (2) and four neices (6, 7, 9 and 10). 

    We're having his young nephew be our ring bearer, and his two younger neices be our flower girls.  This leaves out the two older girls - which we feel kinda bad about and we're trying to find something for them to do as well so they feel included.

    I don't think it would be bad to have two ring bearers, or two flower girls.  But I can understand why you wouldn't want to have four kids in your wedding party (I have three and just... ugh).  But think of it this way - the older ones can help the younger ones walk down the aisle if they get nervous.

    You can also just go the route of having the one ring bearer and one flower girl, and simply tell the children that are left out that "not everyone can be included."
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