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Uh Oh

I'm going to sound like a total b*tch, but I need advice.

When me and FH first got engaged, I already knew who I wanted in my WP. I wanted FHs sister who is 21 (not a child), because they are close and he lost his older sister 8 years ago. Even though we don't get along too well (FH says we are the same opinionated and stubborn LoL). Anyways, she didn't come to go look for BM dresses. All the girls who went decided on the same dress and I let her know which one, to which her response was "what if I don't like it?" I told her she should have come if she wanted an input. To be honest I didn't care what dress as long as it was the colors of the wedding and long. All the other BMs decided they wanted the same one. I have 9 BMs by the way.
When I found out she couldn't afford her dress I made some calls and even asked MY dad to borrow money for her dress. When I let her know not to worry about it her only response was "yup". I was furious and FH and I argued for 2 days over it. Obviously there is a mutual dislike and I asked her not to be in the wedding.
Now his sister-in-law (who I consider a good friend) and his brother are going through a divorce and his brother who is the Best Man does not want her there. 

Long story short....I'm terrified he is going to ask his sister to be in it again. Am I wrong? None of my family and/or friends like her and they were all happy when they heard she wasn't in it.
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