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Several questions: asking old friends + groomsmen help

I have two, somewhat related questions.

First of all, both my fiance and I are having some difficulties deciding on our wedding party. For me, the big issue is that since high school (I'm now 22, going on 23) I haven't had many girl friends. In fact, pretty much ALL my friends but one or two are men, and those girls aren't even that close to me, and I don't have any close female relatives except my sister-in-law, who I've already decided to ask. 

I was thinking, rather than asking people I'm not that close with, maybe I would ask my best friends from highschool. We don't really hang out much anymore, but we're still quite friendly over facebook, and whenever we DO get together, and they were extremely influential in my life durring my highschool years. Do  you think this is an odd thing to do, or would it be ok given the circumstances?

Also, my other question is on behalf of my fiance. He is rather reserved when it comes to relationships, and has a hard time getting "attached" to people sometimes. As such, he doesn't feel particularly close with anyone and doesn't know where to begin. He has a few friends that I suggested, but he says he doesn't really feel close enough to either of them. I suggested his brother too, but he says he doesn't think that's a good idea since his brother is only 16 years old. 

If I end up asking my old highschool friends, I would end up with a wopping 6 (or 7, depending on one of them who now lives out of state) bridesmaids, and my fiance can't even seem to find one groomsman! I know that it's ok to be off balance, but this is a little extreme, don't you think?

Do you think he should ask his friends even though he says he doesn't feel like they are that close, or what?
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