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Makeup Trial

So, on a previous post I mentioned that I was going to get a makep trial done by Tami Crawford who I have found to be VERY reasonably priced compared to others who do airbrush makeup. Some have expressed interest in my trial so here are some pics. I am really sorry for the quality, they are from a camera phone b/c I forgot to bring my camera :-(Before:http://tinyurl.com/nj9jvxDuring:http://tinyurl.com/kmro26After:http://tinyurl.com/mkk6p8I was pleased with how it turned out. I usually wear little to no makeup and it looked like I was wearing makeup for a special occasion but it was still really natural looking. She does airbrush foundation and blush and it really makes your complexion look flawless. She does not recommend airbrushing for eyeshadow b/c she says it is more likely to run. Also, even though I only wore the makeup for about 3-4 hrs there was no fading, need for touchups, etc.I think I am definitely booking her for my bridals. i think I will get a better idea of how the makeup lasts becaus I know I will probably be all sweaty and gross :-(Here is her blog in case anyone wants her contact info:www.tami-crawford-makeup.blogspot.com

Re: Makeup Trial

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    looks great!! im pretty impressed, i am going to contact her for a trial. thanks for the pics
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    Thanks!! I've been wondering about the airbrush makeup. Do you think it felt less heavy than regular foundation?? I have super oily skin so I'm concerned about my makeup fading/rubbing off.

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    That looks really good!!  You can tell you're wearing make-up, but it is very natural, and not caked on!  Thanks for sharing -- I'll be looking into her in the future!
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    I did airbrush for my wedding and LOVED it. It really does stay on all night with no touch-ups. I blotted a few times during the night, but that's because I was dancing and sweaty. I have some pictures from after my wedding when we were partying downtown at 2 am and it still looks great. It's very lightweight.
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    It actually did feel more light-weight then regular foundation. I have the tendency for oily skin too and with the humidity and heat we have been having that is something I have been worried about but I have been told to just blot and not rub.
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    I think the makeup looked awesome. I can't wait to see how your bridals come out with her makeup on you. I bet it'll look amazing.
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