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Gifts for Parents of Bride and Groom

I've been looking for different ideas on what to give both my parents and his parents at the rehearsal dinner. So, far I can't find anything good that really sticks out to me for both pairs of parents.


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    Both sets don't have to get the same thing.  My mom and stepdad got a gift certificate to their favorite hotel, my dad got a Southwest Airlines gift card, and FIL and SMIL got a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.
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    At the rehearsal dinner, we gave my mom a necklace and my dad and FIL each got a set of cufflinks.

    Since my parents were very supportive and also generously offered us some money to help pay for the wedding, we gave them tickets to a concert they wanted to see. We did this privately on a later date.
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    I got my mom an embroidered hanky and my dad a photobook I made for him.  I'm leaving my FIL's gifts up to FI :)  You definately don't have to get both sets of parents the same thing though.  Get something for them that you feel is special and that they will like.

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    I got my mom a new coach wallet and am planning to get my dad tequila, margarita mix and salt, and after the wedding albums for both (divorced).
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    for my mom, i am making a 2 page scrapbook spread with blank spots for our wedding pictures. a few years ago, i made a scrapbook for her and 1 layout was of her wedding, one for my brothers, and i am going to do one for my wedding, but half to add the pictures later is all. but it will be all layed out and ready to go.
    my dad will get a "father of the bride" hat, because he collects hats and is the hardest person to gift to.
    for his parents, probably one of those picture frames with lots of openings, and we will fill some up with some engagement photos, pics of the family dog, ultrasound pics of their grandbaby and then leave most open for his mom to add to or for us to add to later.
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