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Have you ever...

Been asked to be in WP you didn't really want to be in?

Last week a girl I honestly do not like asked me to be in her WP. We work together and that's about as far as our relationship goes. We just don't click at all. We have nothing in common. She constantly talks about other co-workers and causes drama. I'm not into all that so I keep my distance.

I told her I didn't think I could commit to her WP with all that have going on right now. I'm finishing nursing school this year, I have a small child, and I'm planning my own wedding. Today, she comes to me and asks me again. I repeated my previous answer.

Why would you ask someone you aren't close to to be in your WP? I thought you asked people you couldn't imagine not being there beside you?

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    Even sides?  Maybe her FI had the audacity to ask a 5th guy so she felt the need to get a 5th girl (crazy, right?).  Some people do that but I've never understood the compulsion to have even sides.

    That or this is a very one-sided relationship and from her POV you're very good friends but from your POV you aren't.  Maybe she considers you a BFF.
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    Unless you tell her no she is going to keep asking you. So next time she brings it up say "I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to be in your WP. I just have too much going on right now. But thanks for thinking of me, I'm honored you would ask"

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    no, I'm not that special...sob.


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    Maybe she really doesn't have any close female friends.
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    Sort of... many years ago, my best friend was planning to marry his girlfriend and told me she was going to ask me to be a bridesmaid since I was his best friend.  My response was, "Bridesmaid?  I won't even come to the wedding.  I can't condone you marrying her!"  She was horrid, using, bullying trash.  But he ended up not marrying her anyway, thankfully.
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    Its roughly 9 O'clock and she's already managed to ask me 3 times. This time I told her, "I'm sorry I can't be in your wedding party, but it means alot to me that you'd ask."

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    God, this girl won't take the hint, huh?
    Hopefully that's the last time she asks you. Next time a flat out, "I really don't even like you so I don't see the point" might be in line. LOL.

    No, I have never been asked to be in someone's wedding whom I wasn't close with. I've been in 3 weddings - one as MOH, twice as BM (well, 4th if you count mine where I was the bride!) and in each of those, they were either really good friends or a relative. Very odd this chick keeps asking you, though.
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    If she sucks this much, she probably doesn't have many friends - hence, asking you, a co-worker.  Good answers - all 3 times! ;)
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