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Feeling like a "bouncy ball"

Hi Ladies,

Need advice....I have 1 MOH and 4 BM's. MOH is BF from College....1 BM is BF from college, 2 BM are bf's from home and 1 is my SIL. All of them are very different ppl ...4 are married and 2 of them have children. SO issue is...MOH feels need to make comments abut every little thing I do for the wedding ...even down to the guest list for the shower. When it comes to he Bachelorette Party ..MOH wants me to stay at her house, other girls want to get me a hotel. MOH wants to go home because she has a baby and doesnt want to leave her overnight which I totallly totally understand and I want everyone to do what makes them feel comfortable. But I am honestly tired of hearing about who is coming to the shower or not, whois coming to the BP or not. I am tired of hearing about how they all cant agree on the food and maybe the MOH didnt order enough shower invites! Are these all things I should be hearing about???  I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings by telling them(mostly the MOH) that I dont want to hear about anything anymore and they have to work it out between them but at the same time I feel like its not fair to put me in the middle of the shower/bp planning. I absolutely adore my MOH and I appreciate all that she is doing and I know its hard to work with different personalities and deal with lack of communication but its stressing me out!

Am I wrong?
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