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Invitations...what to do?

Hi ladies, So I'm debating on using either TLC invitations as a vendor for invitations/save-the-dates/etc or www.weddingpaperdivas.com. If you all are familiar with either what do you recommend? After looking at the online website, I'm noticing very similiar patterns to what the rep at TLC showed me in their "custom" made books. The online price seems more affordable, but I'm concerned with the quality. Any advice????--Completely confused in San Antonio:(

Re: Invitations...what to do?

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    weddingpaperdivas.com is a reputable invitation vendor that many knotties have used, though I don't know of any on this particular board. Usually you can order a sample that way you can see how the quality will be.
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  • laaauralaaaura member
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    I used wedding paper divas for save the dates, and I was really impressed with the quality for the price. I received a lot of compliments. For the invitations, I used Hello! Lucky, and I am so glad I did. We contemplated going to a local invitation shop vs online, and I am really happy we stuck to online.
  • paith041paith041 member
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    I used TLC and was really happy with them. I did mine online - never even went into the store. I can't remember which specific company I ordered from though. I think you'd be good going through TLC or WPD.
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    omg!! PLEASE DON'T USE TLC!!!! It took me almost 6 months to get my invitations back from them! First they printed my invitations wrong (it said "Together we....request the honour of your presence as they exchange mariage vows..") If you ever had an english class, you would know that it's not right-I can't believe they had it written like that in their templates for Brides to pick! Oh and most of the brides I have met that used them, their invitations are written exactly like that. Also, when I had them re-do it, they made it seem like it was my fault! When the correct wording came back, the paper wasn't measured right and didn't fit on the rest of the invitation, so I had to go back and have them re-do it all! It was the most frustrating part of planning my wedding. I would never use them again...if I wasn't an organized planner and didn't insist on doing everything in advance, the invitations would not have been here on time to send out-6 months is ridiculous.
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    Thanks ladies:) That was EXTREMELY helpful!!  I'm thinking more and more about going on-line even though we put $100 deposit down on TLC already. I figured if we get the quality and price we want online, we might as well eat the cost of the $100 deposit to save money in the long run. I'm going to check out the Hello! website as well. Any thoughts on photographers? Again, TOTAL ROOKIE move, we paid a $100 deposit to secure the wedding discount at the expo with LimelightSan Antonio, but I'm rethinking this more and more. We haven't signed any contracts yet, and I'm really impressed with Da Veck Studies. Any thoughts??? --The Rookie Bride
  • armstrongshelarmstrongshel member
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    Weddingpaperdivas......they rock!  One of my friends used them.
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