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Gifts for bridal party help!!!

we are on a very tight budget, and of course I want to give my bridesmaids/maid of honor something for their troubles. Anyone have any ideas for a wedding on a very tight budget?
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Re: Gifts for bridal party help!!!

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    Shop like it's their birthday, and you are on a tight budget.
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    Like pp said, shop like it's their birthday.  The gifts don't need to match (they shouldn't, really).  Take the "bridal party" out of it and shop for them individually.  Does one like to read?  Get them a book or a GC to the bookstore.
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    They don't all need to get the exact same thing.

    Stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx are great for nice, inexpensive gifts. Also try, Target, and

    Even scout out some thrift shops for a cool vintage piece, something rare that they've been dying to find, or something that you can restore to a better condition.
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