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Spa certificates as gifts?

Hi Everyone, I have 5 BM's, they all have very different looks and tastes so I didn't want to get them something that might appeal to only some of the girls. They all like spas so I thought about getting them gift certificates to a spa where they can pick and choose their treatments. Has anyone else done this? How was it received? Thanks! :)

Re: Spa certificates as gifts?

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    If you would get each a spa certificate for a normal event liek their birthday then this is sweet. If not , not  
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    You do realize that you don't have to get them matching gifts, right?  If you want to get them each something tailored to their individual interests, they would appreciate it a lot more than something matching because they'll know you took the time to get them something individual. That said, if they really are all spa types, that is fine.
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    Yeah laurens point is a good one. I have two spa gift certs from various things for $25 each to two different spas and I can not aford the difference for any treatment.
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    I think that is a very sweet gesture and I'm sure they would all appreciate that. We actually gave our wedding coordinator a gift card to a salon and spa for her amazing help on our day.
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    same here. i personally think that a spa certificate as a gift would 'somewhat' be a hassle for me. i probably would end up giving it to someone else. i'd be happier with something i can use immediately. [img][/img]
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