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Do the groomsmen need to have matching suits?

We are trying to have a very simple Catholic church wedding (if there is such a thing). My fiance doesn't want to wear a tux, just a suit that he already has. For his groomsmen, is it tacky if each of them just wears a suit that they currently have or do they all need to match? I"m going to give my bridesmaids a color choice and then let them pick out their own dresses.

Re: Do the groomsmen need to have matching suits?

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    Not at all. My parents married in a Catholic church and the GM (my uncles) all wore their best suits in different colors. Looking back, she kind of wishes she had told them to wear the same color, but no one thought it tacky. The BM dresses didn't match either--the BM (my aunts) wore white lace dresses in different styles.
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    Definately not.  I would suggest that they all wear a black suit with a white shirt, and then buy them matching ties.  No one is going to notice or care if one guy has 3 buttons and another has 2 and a longer coat.
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    It's perfectly fine - and exactly what my Dad told his GM to do.
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    If you are worried about them looking similiar then I'd suggest having them all wear black suites, white shirts and then you buying the tie or picking out a tie for them to all wear.  Thats what we are doing w our dads actually, they werent excited about renting a tux so we told them to just wear black suite and white shirt and we'd take care of the ties.
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