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Should bridesmaid dress fabric match the wedding dress fabric?

Hi ladies. Hoping you all can help me with a dilemma. I had initially planned on purchasing a chiffon wedding dress but ended up falling in love with a satin dress similar in style to this one. will be picking the fabric and color of the bridesmaid dresses but each BM will pick their own individual style dress. The issue is each of my BM's have now stressed a preference for chiffon dresses. Would that clash with my wedding dress? Should I ask that they get a satin dress? I guess I should preface it by saying that the wedding will be in Las Vegas in April. Would satin be too hot (average temps are around 80)?  Thanks for the help ladies.

Re: Should bridesmaid dress fabric match the wedding dress fabric?

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    I don't think the fabrics need to match.  My dress is satin and my BM dresses are a tissue taffetta which looks a little more crinkly.  I think they'll look fine.  As for what to wear in warmer temps, I would go with the dress I like most no matter what material it is.  Of course this is coming from someone who never thought she'd find a dress she liked.  80 degrees isn't that hot and you shouldn't have to worry about humidity- I think you'll be okay with whatever you pick.
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    my dress is satin and my bridesmaids are getting chiffon dresses and I don't think it'll clash - I also doubt anyone will be paying that much attention to even notice
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    I just wore a chiffon dress at a wedding, and the bride wore satin.  It looked fine, and I doubt anyone honestly noticed.  FWIW, I have a taffeta dress, and the girls will have silk shantung ( and it I have no worries about it.
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    You don't need to match the fabrics - nobody will ever notice. Just worry about keeping the formalities the same.
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    Your dress you picked is beautiful. No they don't need to match your fabric. If your girls like the chiffon dresses then that will look very nice with the whole look. Then let them choose what they like in the chiffon and the colors you choose. Have fun with your girls.  
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    Thanks ladies for your feedback. You have eased my mind and now I have one less thing to worry about.
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