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Crazy Bridesmaid... Funny story:)

One of our bridemaids pulled a dirty trick and is now out of our wedding. My bridal shower turned out to be the downfall. My shower was held at Crazy Bridesmaids house. She offered her large home and yard for the party. She did not nlike what my MOH was doing so she called my MOH and yelled at her and called her a horrible friend and person. The bridesmaid continued to try to boss everyone around. My mother, who is a bit niave, helped the girls throw the shower. The crazy bridesmaid, ended up racking up $2,000 and expected my mom to pay for things like new landscpaing, stocking her wine cellar and paying for the decorations to be used again at her daughters b-day party the next week. She would not supply reciepts. She took herself and daughter out of the wedding when asked to see reciepts. Please tell me someone else has a crazy bridesmaid:)

Re: Crazy Bridesmaid... Funny story:)

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    She really just got weird about 2 months ago before the shower. We would not be friends with these people if they were like this. and she complained that her son is not in our wedding.
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    Yikes. You're much better without her in your wedding and your life. Good on you for asking to see receipts.
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    WOW-sounds like you are much better off without her. It's very surprising to see how some people are like this. No crazy bridesmaid here but she sounds alot like a MOH of a recent wedding I was in! Her quote to me "showers cost thousands and thousands of dollars do you honestly think I am paying for this all myself" We received spreadsheets of all the costs-it was already 1k not including food, wine etc. In the end we gave her money even though the brides mother took care of mostly everything and it "went towards the gift she got for the bride" It was a "gift from the girls" but yet came with a card saying it's from her.
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    This isn't MUD as well?Holy Moly some people have entitlement issues!OK, so a new way to be removed from a friendship is extortion.  Who knew? !
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    You can have people pay for you landscaping if you throw a shower!?!?!? Sweet! I think mine cost about $30. I hope my marriage isn't dooooooomed!
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    Repeat this to your self: My Wedding Party is made of my family and friends and I should treat them as such.
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