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Hey ladies!  I have a question about BM dresses.  I have my MOH and 5 BM.  The ages will range from 13-23 (my youngest sister is 13 and I HAVE to include her wouldn't dream of it any other way).  Therefore I have one a wide range of ages and all my BM are built differently.  My mom and I were talking the other day about this and she suggested that everyone where a different dress but the same color.  I like this idea.  My other sister (MOH) has been looking at dresses online and asked me today if I wanted everyone in the same length or different lengths.What are your opinions on different dresses in the same color?  Should they all be different styles but the same length or can that be completely different as long as the same color is used?  My wedding will be at my church by the way.  Thanks in advance.

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    Lots of brides do the same color/different style route, and it usually goes over wonderfully. Google for pics, and I'm sure people here will share their pics with you as well.You can specify a designer and then let them pick from a certain fabric and color and skirt length ("Pick any floor-length, satin Alfred Angelo gown in Eggplant") ... or you can just give them a paint swatch of your desired color and say "Find something close to this color, wherever you want." Or you can ask them to wear a black cocktail dress or long gown of their choice, and then bring in color with flowers and maybe sashes or wraps. I prefer keeping everyone in the same length, but that's your call. I've seen it done both ways and it looks fine. Your decision!
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    My BMs are wearing separates, and they all have the same skirt with different tops.  The only problem I had was that I picked a color that is difficult to match and one of my BMs is ten years old.  Her mother ended up buying her dress in the smallest size they had (since the color only came in adult sizes) and is having it altered to fit and be appropriate for her age.  Now granted, her mother offered to do this so she could be in the same color and money is no object to her.  If anyone in your BP is on a budget it's certainly not inexpensive.  Anyway, in summary, different styles are fine!  :)
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    I did this because of the difference in sizes of my girls. I just told them the color, length, and fabric and let them choose the styles (from one company so the color would be the same shade). I did try to have the girls get different necklines so the 3 of the 4 would look the same and one left out. [img]<a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>[/img]
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