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Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses?

My bridesmaids are all still in college, and on low budgets. The last thing I would want to have them do is pay $80 for their dresses. However- because it is a military wedding the dresses do need to be formal length...All of the sites that I look at don't seem to offer dresses under $125... even the knot only lists dresses as $150 and under. Does anybody know where you can get affordable dresses for bridesmaids? I am ok with them being different styles of dress.

Re: Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses?

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    TJMaxx, Marshalls and all department stores (everything from JCPenney, Sears, Macys, to Nordstrom). Dept. stores can have great sales.Would you be okay with black dresses? Long, black evening dresses are very elegant and classic and you could just ask your girls to buy whatever black, floor length evening dress they want. Black is often the easiest color to find and while it's not always on super clearance, the BMs may prefer to pay $80 for a black dress of their choosing that they may wear again, than pay $50 for a dress they probably won't.
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    The ladies here have given great advice.  Start shopping the sale racks.  My advice is to also be flexible.  If you go with something like black, they can find a long dress in their budget when the time permits. 
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    Yay Marshalls!
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    Thanks girls! I ended up finding BM dresses at JCPenny- and because it is the end of homecoming season we ended up getting them for $54!! And they are gorgeous!
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