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Flower Girl Dilemma

I'm getting married next October (2010) and have a bit of a dilemma over the flower girl.  When I was in college (and for the few years afterward) I still lived at home, and I became really close with my mom's neighbor and her daughters.  The youngest is 5 and there are twin 7 year old girls.  I would really love for the 5 year old to be my flower girl, but that would crush her older sisters.  Junior bridesmaids isn't really an option for them since my fiancee has a hugely disproportionate number of nephews who would then need to be included.  Anybody else have some creative ideas for involving the twins in the wedding?

Re: Flower Girl Dilemma

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    We ended up choosing two FG's. we couldn't choose either, and we didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We couldn't go without one b/c again feeling would have been hurt... we figured it wasn't worth the argument..
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    I say have all three of them as your flower girls if you really want the twins to be included in the wedding party, if all the adults are ok with it.  They would look adorable! 
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    I am in the same type of situation. I babysit for a family of 4 kids and I want the youngest to be my flower girl. I am going to include the others by having them help with other "special" duties like handing out ceremony programs or something along those lines. I want them to feel special! ; ) Hope that helps!!
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