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# of Bridesmaids

I need your thoughts... Our wedding only has an edtimated 60 guests (including wedding party) attending. How many Bridesmaids/Groomsmen are too many?

Re: # of Bridesmaids

  • Agreed, it's up to you how many girls you want by your side. The number of how many is not relevant anymore.
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  • I personally think that with an intimate wedding like that, more than 2 or 3 might look a bit unbalanced.  Having said that, if there are more than 2 or 3 people that you can't imagine not having in your WP then just do it.
  • 10-15 on each side would probably be overkill. But other than that I wouldn't worry about ratios. Ask the people you couldn't imagine getting married without.
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  • Think of the people you would call immediately if something really good or bad happened. There. That's how many you have on your side. Have your FI do the same thing. There, now you know how many will be on his side. WPs are not about numbers. They don't have to be in proportion to the guest list and they don't have to be even. A WP is a way to honor your closest friends.
  • Ditto on selecting your nearest and dearest. Also ditto on Brooke's "10-15 people might be overkill".But then again, I tend to think 10-15 is overkill no matter how many guests you have, lol.

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  • I agree! Don't worry about the number, just who you want to stand by you & with you that day!!
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  • But then again, I tend to think 10-15 is overkill no matter how many guests you have, lol.Agreed. In this situation I think maybe 4 would be on the edge of overkill. Like, 4 would be okay if you really want that many, 5 would be too many. I'm having a similar sized wedding and I have 2. Just 2 bridesmaids, no MOH.
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  • Thanks Ladies! That really helps!
  • We have 50 guests and 11 total attendants.  When we first asked, we were planning to have about 150 guests.  It might look a little lopsided, but I don't think it will be too bad; the ceremony space is so small that it'll be practically in the round anyway.
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