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best bridesmaids gifts

Just a few weeks til my wedding. I got my bridesmaids the matching bolero that went with their dress. Wondering what to get them in addition as a memorable gift? I was thinking of paying for the alterations too.  For a gift I was thinking coach wristlet maybe or make up bag with some lip gloss and a couple products. Or jewelry to match dresses. or mani/pedi. If any of you were bridesmaids, what was your favorite gift?  They have been real generous with me, but we are paying for our whole wedding too.

Re: best bridesmaids gifts

  • Not to be mean, but a bolero tat matches a dress that they had to buy for your wedding doesn't really seem like a gift. The coach wristlets are nice though. Have you thought about getting them all different gifts that are specific to their interests? I got 3 of my bms jewelry that I knew they would love and it was not for the wedding. And for the last one, I got her rockies tickets for today's game.
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  • the best gifts are when you are thinking of them as friends not bridesmaids. My two favorite gifts I have recieved as BM 1. Jimmy buffett concert tickets 2. Henkles kitchen knifes Both were purchased with me and things that would make me happy in mind We gave our WP each tickets to some event ranging from sesames street live for the fgs to u2 , bills, opera for the adults Jewlery to match their bm dress is decor for your weddijg not a gift with them in mind. Are they wristlet people? makeup bag type people? Think of what you would get them for their birthdays or christmas in teh price range you are considering and do that.
  • The bolero, alterations, jewelry and mani/pedi are all things for your wedding. So while you can include those things as BM treats if you want (the jewelry and mani/pedi are more of a gift than the bolero and alterations since they're necessities), I wouldn't make those their WHOLE gift. The gifts should reflect their individual interests and have nothing to do with your wedding. Remember that you don't need to get them all the same thing. Although it's probably smart to keep it all in the same approximate price range (i.e., don't get an iPod for one girl and $10 keychain for another). So far, I got one BM a handbag and some cosmetics bags from a designer she loves. If I had the cash I'd get her a Kindle because she's dying for that, but I don't so I can't :( Some other ideas I have for them are gift cards, books, craft supplies (one knits and the other makes jewelry), tote or beach bags, everyday jewelry not for my wedding, cosmetics or perfumes they like, picture frames, etc. One likes wine, the other doesn't drink at all. One travels a lot, the other's in grad school, so maybe a travel accessory for one and a bookstore gift card for the other. Since you're asking what I would like as a BM ... I'm not very into "stuff" so I'm the type of person who'd prefer something like a gift card over a keepsake. Or maybe a little trip somewhere with a friend or FI. Gift certificate for a nice dinner or a stay at a nice B&B, or tickets to a sports game or a concert. Maybe a DVD set for a TV show I love. A magazine subscription, a really nice piece of everyday jewelry (like pearls or a gemstone pendant in my favorite color), a comfy sweatshirt or a funny t-shirt, a gadget (camera, iPod accessory, thumb drive). I like useful stuff, not stuff that's intended to sit on my dresser and be a keepsake. But other girls like keepsakes, so it's a matter of what each of your friends likes.
  • Thanks!  We are all going to see a show together so maybe I could get them that.  What's the mini multi tool?  Who makes that?
  • Get them what you would get if you were considering buying them a very nice birthday present. Personally, I'd love getting anything Coach, but my bridesmaids aren't into that. One is more casual, one is more vintage. Concert tickets or gift cards would be something I'd love. (My fiance, however, hates gift cards and thinks they are impersonal, so keep that in mind.) Do they like jewelry? Video games? iPod nanos? Nice bottles of wine or liquor? Restaurant gift certificates? Spa gift certificates? (One of my BMs just went and bought herself a nano - which is what I was going to buy her! Oh well.) You know them better than we do.
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  • I know it's frowned upon here, but I've liked the jewelry I've gotten as a bridesmaid. The one thing I can remember thinking was stupid was an Armani figurine of a birdbath with lovebirds. And I collect china and glass & stuff; I just didn't particularly like that one and don't collect Armani specifically. Personally, I hate Coach. I'm a Kenneth Cole girl. I also don't use lip gloss and am very specific about my makeup brands (Bare Minerals & MAC only). And I've got the perfect makeup case already, so I wouldn't need another one. I honestly hate most of the stuff people here list as what they want as bridesmaids or what they give as brides. Gimme a pair of earrings (and yes, I'd wear it to the wedding), and you'd be done with me.
  • I kinda agree with the PP... I actually liked getting jewelry as a BM gift. I think of my friends whenever I wear them, and it reminds me of their happy wedding days! If you know you don't have to buy jewelry to go with the BM dress, it takes some stress out of additional expenses. (I personally never have "recycled" my own jewelry, but I am a shop-a-holic). I also think that people spend too much on gifts. While I would love Henkles knives, or JB tickets... those are expensive gifts. I realize that people are spending money to be with you on your day, but I'm always embarrassed that people are spending that much money on me (on the occasions that its happened). I am getting my bridesmaids jewelry, and a wrap. Paying for hair and makeup. And writing a sincere thank you to the wonderful ladies in my life who will be there for me on that day and ones to come! And, would never expect more than that as a bridesmaid in another wedding. Customs might vary from one place to another... and I think some of the critism is overly harsh (at least for customs of where I live) I did receive a pretty purse mirror from RedEnvelope with a monogram that was cute. Might be an idea to steal (I'm sure you could find it cheaper elsewhere though) Good luck!
  • Well.. I guess it all depends on what we're use to. I've been in many weddings and most the gifts I've gotten have had to do with the wedding.. Which was perfectly fine for me.The wedding I was in last month.. I got earings, necklace, flip flops, and a purse.. It was all the things needed to put the look together... Actually, all the weddings I have been in so far have given necklaces atleast. You know your bridesmaids the best.The night before the wedding I am getting a hotel room for all the girls who choose to stay (since our location is an hour from home and 2 bridesmaids are from out of state) so... a little special gift I am giving them terry sarong wrap so they could wear it to get ready... with slippers. (I actually bought the wraps today) Plus necklace and I was also thinking coach wristlets since I know all my girls love coach!
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