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Texas-San Antonio

On location hair stylist?

Yes...it's me AGAIN..clearly I'm working hard this morning! I am looking for an on-site hair stylist. HELP! I had posted before but I can't find the responses now..must've been too long ago. Any recommendations? Just hair, already booked makeup.


Re: On location hair stylist?

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    I don't know what kind of price range you're looking for, but I found a lady on craigslist that has REALLY low prices and goes to your site at no extra charge. She said she works on her own and doesn't have the cost of a salon or employees so she can offer great prices. I haven't done a trial with her yet (going to do it mid-Sept) so I can't speak to the quality and experience, but the pictures she sent me looked really good. She offers a free hair trial, so it might be worth looking into anyway. Her name is Mary Coop and her email is [email protected] I'm really hoping she works out for me because some of those travel fees at other salons are ridiculous! Good luck finding someone!
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    I'm using Roseanne Harris - she travels to wherever you are!
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    Vanity Eiland Stephanie she is a friend and anytime I have seen her work it has been fantastic. I think she is pretty resonable.
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    I used the vanity room for both hair and make up and she did a great job.

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    Oh....Madame Makeup is also great, but a tad pricey. 
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