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AW: I love my cousin!

So, this is not WP related, but is a success story of good communication and 2 people acting like adults. My younger first cousin got engaged a few months before I did. SHe is currently living in Korea and is getting married in both Korea and the US (married, renewal, whatever.. 2 ceremonies and receptions). She and I have been talking wedding stuff for a while now, but I just realized today that her US wedding is only 28 days before mine, and halfway across the country. Our mutual family members are spread all over. I was a little concerned that our moms' sisters would feel either obligated to go to both, or feel that they were slighting one of us if they decided to only go to one. Instead of getting all ina huff about it, we actually talked about it and realized that we are both adults. We each have our own reasons for the dates we picked, and neither of us would ever think of asking the other to change their date. We decided that we would pass the word through our moms that we are NOT offended if our mutual family members pick one wedding to attend and not the other, and certainly do not expect anyone to attend both, even though they will all be invited. Maybe we are being silly and vain thinking that our family members would be conflicted about this issue, but Im glad that we discussed it and are on the same page. Cliffs notes: A little conversation goes a long way in heading off some of the potential conflicts and hurt feelings that end up on these boards. And I love my cousin!
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