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The Kate Spade outlet at exit 63 is having a huge sale and not just odd colors.I got a black, birkin type bag for $149 marked down from $450.Sorry to present such tempations but it's too good not to share.

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    I was just there yesterday!!I'm SOOO freakin' tempted to go back.  I wound up not buying anything there since I just bought myself a bag a few months ago and I'm trying to save a bit but man I loved the stuff!BTW, Saks Off 5th is having a huge sale if you drive to Boston soon.  I bought a cashmere scarf and gloves for less than the original cost of the scarf!  Too bad my darling MOH will get them when I see her this weekend for her birthday.  I'll be just a short trip away from you in Astoria!
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    driving back up in 10 days.  M wants a new KS wallet and or checkbook holder for Christmas.  I'll be checking a couple places there.I probably would have done more shopping but it's still hard to walk any distance.
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    :-(I'm sorry to hear that.Did KS have the Christmas bargain table set up when you were there?  They had quite the variety when I walked in.  Maybe I'll whisper a few not so subtle hints in DH's ear if he's wondering what to get me for Christmas.
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    not that I noticed but I was pretty focused on the bag.  I'll check
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