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Bridesmaid Dress Question...

When should we order the dresses? I know the check list say 3-5 months before the wedding, but I wanted to ask other brides what they thought. My mom says Dec is fine, my MOH says she won't order until July. July makes me a bit nervous, but Dec does seem a bit early.

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    I would call the place you are planning on ordering your dresses from and ask them what is the last possible date that you can order dresses. Tell your bm it's one-two weeks earlier than that and you should be fine. I say two-three months is good, so your MOH might want to order more at the end of June rather than July, but like I said, it depends on where you are getting your dresses from.
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    Thank you, that's a REALLY good idea. I feel better with June than July.
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    There must be a happy medium between the two.  As PP said, find out when the dress shop has their 'must' order by date.And make sure that you get the MOH's budget before you decide on a dress. 
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    I second (or third) PP's about checking with the shop first.  You might also want to talk to your MOH to find out her reasons for wanting to order at that she concerned about the cost of the dress?  Does her weight fluctuate a lot and she's concerned about buying it and then needing lots of alterations?  Or why?
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    I wouldn't give much credence to checklists you see on TK or wedding magazines. They include lots of things on there that you don't need. That's just a comment in general. December is definitely early. I think from the 6 month mark onward is a good rule of thumb. That's about when I've always bought dresses as a BM and when my BMs bought theirs. Most shops will deliver in less than 2 months, and you can find out what the "drop dead" date is for ordering in time to get the dress for the wedding--July might be fine.
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    My wedding is in August 2010 & the shop said to have them order by February 2010. I am kinda in the boat "earlier is better" mainly b/c I have heard horror stories of dresses coming in the wrong size, later than expected, etc. However, if you trust your shop, they usually will give you a good est. about how long it takes. My BM dress designer has a good reputation & quick service, so I am not too concerned (a family friend owns the bridal shop too).
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