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Vent about FI- Sorry so Long

So I have already had to call two people and tell them that they couldn't bring parents, dates, etc because we didn't have space, $, and oh yeah, THEY WERE NOT INVITED!!! So today a guy that my FI and I used to work with RSVP's for himself plus one. His invitation clearly stated only his name. IT DID NOT SAY "AND DATE". So I call my FI and ask him to call this guy and let him know that although we would love him to come we aren't able to extend the invitation to his date. This man is a total player, isn't married, isn't engaged, and doesn't have a serious girlfriend. His date would have probably been some random chick. Anyways, so my FI starts going off abut how rude it is to tell him he can't bring a date. Are you kidding? What's rude is RSVPing for a date when one wasn't invited!!! He finally said he would do it, but wasn't very happy about it. Does he think that I enjoyed calling the other two people and telling them the same thing? I just wanted to tell him to suck it up and just do it. Ugh! Sorry for the super long vent, needed to get it out of my system. Oh and to top it all off, his family from Mexico City that he assured me wouldn't come, but was polite to send an invite, just informed him that they were coming. GRRRRR!!!

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    I feel your pain!!! Without going into the details of why I feel your pain, just know that I do. People don't seem to get it or don't know that unless you put "and guest" or "and date" that the invitation is just for them. I know that this thread would get flamed on the P&E board (they seem to have limitless budgets on that board), but I think you are doing what you have to do and FI will get over it.
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    I could see if you had the space and funds to let that slide but with your budget in mind it's fine to ask them not to bring their date or whoever else they decided to tag on there. People forget what etiquette is.I'm dreading the same thing will happen to me when I send the invites out next year for our wedding with his family. They live in California and I'm betting they'll suddenly decide to come which pushes the guest list up big time. You definitely have my sympathy in this situation.
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    I'd let that one slide. I think it's kind of rude not to include a date for someone. Why would they want to go to an event alone? It shouldn't matter whether or not they are in a relationship. I know there's a budget, but that really should have been included.Don't stress too much because it will even out in the end anyway. There are always people who RSVP "yes" and then don't show up.
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    Single guys almost always bring a date. It's to be expected. lolllll.. Your post cracked me up, but in a good way because I totally felt this way for a while. My cousins all have alot of kids...so yeah...I know, believe me...I know. It's really nothing you can control. It's pretty darn rude to tell people who they can and can't bring unless it's someone you dislike. But yeah...I would have just invited family and close friends to begin with.
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