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7 year-old Flower Girl - What Dress?

My neice will be 7 for my wedding, and I was wondering what "type" of dress to be shopping for her as the Flower Girl.  At what age do you move from Flower Girl dresses to Junior Bridesmaid dresses?

Re: 7 year-old Flower Girl - What Dress?

  • My FGs will be barely 4 and almost 8.  They are wearing white FG dresses.  The goal for the 7yr old is that she can wear it a few months later for her First Communion.
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  • My FG had just turned 8, and I allowed her to come shopping with me to pick her dress. The style she chose was a FG dress, but I think at that age, they're old enough to have a little bit of input into what they wear. She really enjoyed feeling involved.
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  • I like the idea of taking her with you.  She should have a lot of fun!  It all depends too on her and her personality.  Just see what she likes.  I think either way would be fine.  If you do go FG dress route rather than JBM then just make sure its not toooo cutsie since she's a little on the older side. 
  • Yes, she is a little drama queen, so I know she will love going shopping for her own dress!
  • I had a super tall 8 year old.  Make sure you call and see how big the sizes go at the stores, the majority of samples are about size 4 or 5.  It will take a lot of digger and be more expensive if it is a junior bridesmaid dress becuase i could hardly find any to come in white. We got hers online at flowergirldressesforless.com and it was really nice and only $50. 
    Good luck!
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