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Confliced Aboutt Bridal Party

My FI has at least 4 guys in his party that he already asked.  I have 2! I asked one of my close friends to be my MOH, and the BM's girlfriend is going to be my bridesmaid because she and I get along and they will probably end up married too, so she is a keeper and I love her.  I have a slight dilemma asking other girls to be in my wedding party:

I have a sister, whom I don't really talk to and we fight on and off.  When she gets mad, she refuses to talk to me and cuts me out of her life entirely (long story!!) and repeatedly does this and doesn't talk it out with me.  She is a VERY sensitive person to say the least.  So, I don't feel comfortable having her in my wedding party because who knows what tantrum she will throw the day of or before my wedding. 

My FI's sister does not speak to me nor him, and hasn't spoken to either of us since before she got married over a year ago (and demanded that we couldn't be engaged or married until she had her moment - younger and only in relationship for 6 months.....we waited now over 5 years to get engaged).  She and him have a lot of issues, and I just stay out of that.  So again, she won't be in the wedding.

I have twin friends that I have known since I was little.  One of them just got married, and the other one is engaged to be married in the spring.  At her sister's wedding she complained to me about how she was so tired and hated being a bridesmaid/MOH.  They also have sooo much drama between the two of them that I try to stay out of it.  I would ask them both to be in my wedding, but I feel like it would be too much with one of them getting married.  They also don't have money, and I can't asked the married one without asking her sister too, to be in my wedding.  Can't offend them! ugh...(cuz they would be offended)

My FI has twin girl cousins (they will be 18 before our wedding)...and I really get along with them.  The only problem is that I can't have them in the wedding because we are having a small wedding and cannot invite some cousins with out inviting other cousins.  So now his family is offended.  If I had my way I think I would just have them in the wedding...they are family and they get along with me and it would just work out....but then I risk offending his other cousins that aren't invited/asked to be in the wedding

What do I do? 
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