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Female "best man\woman"

Looking for ideas on how to make this work. My FI is using his sister as the Best Man who is also or was, a bridesmaid. We don't want her to stand on the groom's side as I may already be short a bridesmaid; keeping things from being equal.  Is there a better way to make her "stand out" as the BM other than having her stand next to the groom?

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    [QUOTE]We are having a similar situation.  I have no problem with having a female "groomsperson" but I am trying to sort out the "etiquette" of what she should wear.  The guys will be wearing black tuxes with chocolate brown vests.  The bridesmaids are wearing dresses of the same brown.  So should the groomswoman just wear a black dress or should she wear the same chocolate color as the bridesmaids?  As it is, I think all my bridemaids will have different dresses, just in the same color.  My whole matching plan is going out the window...but that's a different story!  As long as everyone is happy, I figure the pictures will look nice, right?
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    Ask her if she has a preference?  I think as long as she's in either the black or the brown it'll look nice.  Actually -- does the store have any dresses with a sash or something?  Black with a brown sash might be really nice.
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