Wedding Party

As a BM, how important is it that I make it to the bridal shower?

Okay, my FSIL (FI's sister) is getting married and her and her FI decided that they wouldn't have any family in the wedding party so nobody was left out. Then, one of FSILs bridesmaids dropped out  and I got asked to take her place (sigh).
Anyways, FSIL and I both live on the other side of the country from where our parents are, and where we grew up, and she is having her bridal shower/ bachelorette back home a few months before the wedding. It is pretty bad timing for me, plus the cost of flying home twice is a little much for me.
Is it okay to not go to the bridal shower/ bachelorette, or is this part of the deal I signed up for when I agreed to take the place of her BM who dropped out?
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