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Uneven wedding party

I have 5 BM and my FI has 6 groomsmen.  How should the wedding party walk down the aisle and stand without making everything look uneven?

Re: Uneven wedding party

  • You have several options.
    You can have all the groomsmen already stand up there with the groom already.
    You can have two of the guys walk one of the girls down.
    You could have everyone walk down alone, going boy, girl, boy, girl.
    You can have all the guys walk down, first. Then all the girls walk down.

    And I'm sure some other knotties on here have some suggestions, too.

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    This is NBD. The GMs can enter from a side room, or just walk down the aisle whenever your FI does. Then have the BMs enter alone before you. For the recessional, you can have one GM walk alone, or have one BM escorted by 2 GMs.

    If you insist on having the attendants escorted in as well, then just follow of the same patterns I suggested for the recessional, but really no one "must" be escorted at all. 

    We have 5 BMs and 4 GMs, so one GM will simply escort 2 ladies, 1 on either arm.
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  • ditto PPs, don't put too much thought into it, just go with what makes sense to you.

    My brother had a GM who was deployed during the wedding so one of his GM walked with two BMs on the way up the aisle and down (he was a ham and loved it).  In my own WP I had one boy with two girls as well as two girls walking together (we had a bunch of kids and figured they'd be more comfortable in pairs).  Any of the above would be fine!
  • Fated thought of everything I can think of.  I just want to add that I can't remember how any of the wedding parties in the weddings I've been to walked.  Not one.  So it won't be a big issue to most of your guests.
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  • Have just the best man stand up their with your groom (FI will probably be glad not to be left alone when he will be the most anxious) then have the groomsmen paired off with the BMs including the MOH. 
  • Agree w/ PPs. And thanks for the tips, ladies - I might have the same problem. My fiance and I each have 4 attendants, but my matron of honor and one bridesmaid are both pregnant. AND due just days before the wedding. So who knows if I'll have just 2, or 3, or all 4!
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  • Thanks for the advice everyone!  This makes me feel a lot better, and a lot less nervous about everything looking "even".  In the end, no one will even notice.
  • Well, I have the same number of BM's as GM's but my brother is standing and also walking me down the aisle.  So to counter the uneveness I decided to have my sister (also standing) walk down with the ring bearer (who also happens to be her son).  Maybe he could escort a flowergirl who's afraid or escort your(or groom's) mother or something??
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