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Designers with Cocktail length BM variety?

I'm just doing some preliminary research on BM dresses because I know the color options will have a big impact on the overall day's decor (which is what I'm working on before school starts up!). 

I want to be able to pull together a few designer/price point and color options since each designer offers a different shade of grey! Rather than arbitrarily decide on say pewter then find out like 2 designers offer it, I'd rather see what designers offer and pick somewhere in the middle that  would work with whatever my girls  can spend and feel comfortable in.

I don't yet have all of my WP finalized (we have some time before our Sept 2011 wedding) but I want them to be able to choose a short, grey dress of their choice.  Any feedback on designers that offer a lot of great short styles? (extra points for maternity styles as well!) Would like to stay away from David's Bridal though.


Re: Designers with Cocktail length BM variety?

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