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6 Flower Girls+1 Ring Bearer=Adorable

I am so excited!!! This is probably one of my favorite things about my wedding. I am having 6 adorable little girls as my flower girls. I have tons and tons of cousins and these 6 little girls are all around the same age. I couldn't bear choosing one or two so I just chose all of them and they are ecstatic. Their ages are 4-6. And my ring bearer is such a little charmer...

Has anyone else had quite a few flower girls? How did it turn out? Do you have any ideas or advice?

Re: 6 Flower Girls+1 Ring Bearer=Adorable

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    I've been to a few weddings where there was more than one FG and RB.  As long as the kids are old enough to know what they're supposed to be doing, it was quite cute.
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    We had 2 FG's and 1 RB and it was just fine. Our RB was a bit younger but the 2 girls walked beside him and got him down the aisle. 6 FG's seems like a little too much IMO, not to mention a cluster with all of them trying to make it down the aisle.
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    We had two of each (two sets of twins) and it was fine.  Of course the FGs were 9 1/2 and the RBs were 11 so they not only understood what was happening and were old enough to handle it, they actually wanted to be a part of the wedding.
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    That's awesome, that's actually the exact way I have it. I have 6 neices and 1 nephew. The girls are 4,5,6,7,9 and 10 and the boy is 4. It'll be so cute! :)
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