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So when I got engaged I had just signed a lease to live with a girl who was just starting to become a good friend (this was in May), and she was really excited about everything for me and immediatley called dibs on throwing a bachelorette party for me and such, and she kind of just assumed she'd be a bridesmaid. I didn't really have a problem with that because at the time I figured I would end up asking her anyway.

Now fastforward to us living together a few months later. She gets mad at me for stupid stuff (like how I knocked her purse over in her car when it was sitting at my feet, and apparently there was an open water bottle in it and it spilled on her I would have known there was an OPEN water bottle in there is beyond me). Or how when I went with her and 2 other BM's to look at dresses for them she was rude to them and when I said I didn't like how the ones I thought I liked online looked in person she rudley said "oh just pick these, it'll be good enough."

And there have been a whole bunch of just little other things where she tries to boss me around as a roomate or thinks she knows best (like I drove somewhere with her in the passenger seat and when I didn't park where she wanted me to park she freaked out and legit yelled at me for it, calling me stupid for not parking closer like she wanted). Not to mention the time she asked me to wake her up from a nap she was taking when I left for work so that she could go to an appointment she had. When I did she got out of bed, looked at me, and said "okay I'm up," so I left. Apparently she fell back asleep and yelled at me later for not making sure she actually left.

...and then she'll turn right around and be super nice to me again and it makes me feel guilty for thinking about unasking her.

If this were just a random friend I would wash my hands of them and not think twice about it based on how mean she is to me...but this is my roomate and hypothetically a bridesmaid. I honestly don't think she wants to be a bridesmaid anymore anyway but I think she would say she was hurt if I "un asked" her (even though TECHNICALLY I didn't ever ask her). But it's all so much more complicated with her being my roomate.

My wedding is 10 months from today. And my thought is, since she has such a short fuse I do not want to spend any part of that day concerned that she'll be pissed or something...but I also have to live with her until our lease runs out at the end of May.

Opinions? Can I unask her?
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