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Non BM issues

Advice please....

I have my party set and am happy with it so that's good...Moving along...everyone knows each other and things are smooth...second wedding and small.

That leads me to this...I have a friend that has turned to more of an acquaintance as of late and all I've ever done is told her I was engaged and sent the save the date. That's the extent of the wedding conversation I have had with her. So last night she posts on my Facebook that she feels left out and where is her bridesmaid invite...I've never alluded to her that she would be a BM! I don't know how to respond as she has now texted me the same thing she wrote on my wall...I've never had anything like this happen and am not sure what to WP is all family and I don't want anymore...

If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it...thanks all and have a great weekend...
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