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I want to buy the girls a beautiful friends frame and I would like to get it personalized however, I have no idea for what it should say??
Should it say "Thanks Nicole"   or " Bridesmaid" or    "Bride and Groom"
                          07/xx/11                   07/xx/11                07/xx/11

I really need help with this. I appericate any help. Thanks

Re: Engraving HELP

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    How about just...

    "Her Name & Your Name"

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    I agree with PP.

    No one, aside from you and maybe your mom, wants something engraved with your wedding date on it.  I'm sorry if that's sounds harsh, but it's true.  Taking the "wedding" out of their gift is really the best way to go.
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    Don't put anything like "Bridesmaid" or your wedding date on it. Or "Bride and Groom." It's a gift for HER.

    Her name is fine, or yours and hers. Or nothing, if you prefer ... do your friends like engraved stuff? I am personally not a fan of things engraved with my name, or those frames that say Friends/Sisters/Wedding/whatever on them. So if they wouldn't normally like engraved stuff, then now is not the time to start.  

    A nice frame with a pretty picture of the two of you is a very good idea. Maybe give them the frames before the wedding, and then get a nice print from your photographer afterward. Or if they're bringing a significant other to the wedding, see if you can get a nice photo of the two of them.
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    I think it would be cute to put "Best friends" and put a picture of you and her in it!!!
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    I like PPs suggestions or if you guys have an inside joke or phrase that you share you could put that, that is popular in my group of friends.

    I would have the phrase be something between you and the friend NOT between the wedding and you. 

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