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Ballpark prices for bridesmaid dresses bought at the Dessy Group?

Hi ladies,
I was looking online today for bridesmaid dresses and came across the Dessy Group. I like a lot of their styles and they have retail locations for all of my bridesmaids that would be convenient (four in three different locations). I was wondering though if anyone could tell me what the diamonds represent price wise (i.e. by this I mean one diamond is for a dress in the $80-125 price range etc). I don't want to ask them to get expensive dresses so I jsut wanted to find out if this would be a store worth pursing. A couple of the styles I liked were only two diamonds but have no idea if this is expensive or very expensive.
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Re: Ballpark prices for bridesmaid dresses bought at the Dessy Group?

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    I had trouble with that too when I was looking. I never could find the legend for one brand's price range. I just called a shop that carried the dresses in my area and asked them the prices. It couldn't hurt to also ask if they know what the price ranges are for the diamonds.
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    Here are the Dessy listings on, which is a wholesaler (meaning that you get a legit Dessy dress for the wholesale price, instead of the salon's price that includes their markup):

    So maybe use this as a jumping-off point ... you can contact other wholesalers to see if they will match or beat this price (,,, etc.), or bring this information to the bridal salon and see if they can match/beat the price. Or maybe throw in free alterations or something. Can't hurt to ask.
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    My girls purchased theirs through Jay's Bridal online (as did I with my wedding dress) and they ranged between $100-$150.  Also you can order After Six dresses because they are apart of Dessy, so there a lot of choices for them.  I think you should check out Jay's, they had really good prices compared to the bridal salons.
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    We got our Dessy dresses through  They were about $100 less than in the store and they came with free shipping (buying more than 2 dresses on an order).    I would definitely suggest buying Dessy online rather than in a store. They are expensive in the stores.
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    My bridesmaid dresses were 4225 a piece but they are absolutely beautiful.  After I saw it, there was no way I would choose any other dress.  I paid for them all though because I felt bad having all the girls pay so much.  In my eytes, it was totally worth it.  Every girl LOVES the dress!
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