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"Attack of the Bridesmaidzillas" article

Sorry, this got a little longer than I meant it to.  I couldn't find the article online to link it, so here goes. 

Did anyone else see the article in Marie Claire this month about "bridesmaidzillas?"  As I was reading, all I was thinking about was what the ladies on the WP board would be saying to brides who would inevitably come on and complain. :-)

Some highlights (lowlights?):
-A BM who got a tummy tuck and boob job just before the wedding, and came with bandages and scars (my question was: what the heck was she wearing that the guests SAW the scars?)
-BMs who got trashed at the reception and cut off the bottom of their dresses
-A sister of the groom who yelled at her brother to back out of the wedding 10 minutes before it started in front of the bride (ok...that might be over the top)
-A bride who's BMs "ignored her invitation" to go dress shopping, then complained about her choice, so she got rid of all of them.

The big one they talk about was a girl who's 3 BMs complained about the venue, "pushed the planning of the b-party" onto the sister of the bride then complained about the cost (even though they had "high-paying jobs") and complained about the dresses so much the bride paid for them herself.  Then, when they actually get to the hotel to check in, the bride's feelings are so hurt her mom tracks them down and tells them they could leave if they wanted to....and they did.  The bride replaced them the day before, and said it went great. 

The article blames this new "trend" on the "global society", and brides being in touch with more friends from different parts of their lives ("cliques meet; claws come out" is a direct quote), resentment of the bride, and money that the BMs are paying. 

I thought it was very interesting that the article portrayed these kinds of acts as acceptable, and there was no mention of anything the bride was doing to deserve these responses.  Sure, maybe all the brides in the article just have horrible friends, but I have a pretty hard time believing that.  If you're having that many issues with the people you consider your closest friends, you probably need to turn the mirror in on yourself for a moment.  

It's Marie Claire, June 2010 if that matters.

Re: "Attack of the Bridesmaidzillas" article

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    It's interesting how one-sided the article seems to be... are we supposed to assume the brides checked with the bridesmaids to see if they could afford the dresses and stuff like that? Are we supposed to assume that the FSIL didn't knw the bride cheated or tried to have her killed or something? Ok, that might be a stretch, but still, I have a feeling that article is catering to the Brides and not so much to the bridesmaids...
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