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Need accesory ideas for unifying bridesmaids...

I am a bridesmaid in my friends upcoming wedding. She has decided that the BM's will wear black dresses of our choice (thank you!) but would like to unify us all in some way. Some ideas she's had are: a sash, a hair piece, and shoes. Does anyone else out there have a unique and creative way to unify/identify bridesmaids when they are allowed to choose their own dresses in a color scheme?
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Re: Need accesory ideas for unifying bridesmaids...

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    I know it's "boring" but I personally love sashes and pp have already said, they are popular for good reason. They also look great against black dresses!

    DB has them for $5! STNRBN
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    I'd say sashes too, but the bride needs to let the BMs know that before they choose dresses, as not all dresses look good with sashes.
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    I'm getting flower brooches custom-designed in our wedding colors for my bridesmaids, who are wearing black in any style.  The ladies can wear them anywhere they want (hair, waistband, corsage) and they were less than $10 apiece from hARTjewelry.  Pics:

    They love the idea!  (Or at least they tell me they do). 
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    I'm not a fan of matching shoes, it's such an insignificant detail that I don't think it would have the unifying effect that she's after.  If not a sash, then a matching wrap or jacket would be nice.  A nice hair flower or other headpiece might work, but the bride should probably ask each bridesmaid individually if they're okay with that before proceeding.
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    I think a sash and flowers are a great way to unify you.  The other option could be a piece of jewelry however that wouldn't be a gift to you so that's where it gets tricky.

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    I think the bouquets you'll all be carrying are enough of a way to "unify" everyone.  Please don't make everyone get the same shoes~not everyone is comfortable in the same styles.  And for the love of God, don't make them all get the same hairstyles.

    The days of Stepford BMs are, thank goodness, over.  Everyone will know who the BMs are, and "unifiying" them beyond standing up front and holding a bouquet is unneccessary.
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