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I am new to the board, but have a question. Originally I had picked a dress from DB but one of my bm's said it was too expensive. Which, I could understand. So, now I have picked a less expensive dress, ($80) and yet it is still to expensive. From what I understand this is a pretty good price, so I guess what I am asking is would you be willing to pay for an 80 dollar dress? Its just a little black dress, that they can all wear many times after the wedding. Only one of them has ordered their dress, and all the others seem to brush it off when I mention it. Thanks!

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    If it's a LBD, why not just let them all wear a LBD of their choice?  Then they will actually be able to wear it after the wedding, can wear something they already own if possible, and can find something cheaper than $80.  Win all around.

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    For me, at this time, I would be able to afford an $80 BM dress. If I were to experience some huge financial set back, $80 for a BM dress might not be very doable. Maybe something like this happened to your friend, or maybe her idea of an affordable dress is half that price. You should have asked this prior to shopping for dresses.

    Little black dresses are all over the place, so she should be able to find one within her budget that you also like.

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    Ask them what they CAN afford and then go from there.

    Or just ask them each to get a plain little black dress of their choice, so that they can pay whatever they want (or wear something they already own). A lot of brides have done this with very nice results. You can give them colorful sashes or shawls to tie them together:
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    Like PPs said.. find out what her budget is. IMO, you should have asked that at the beginning and since you didn't, you should have when she said the first dress was too expensive. What's inexpensive and re-wearable to you, may be breaking the bank for a dress someone may not like to someone else. (And I know women who don't even own a LBD because they simply don't want to own one and would rather have colorful dresses so even if you would re-wear post-wedding, not all your BMs might)

    If you do decide to stick with that dress could you help that BM out that cannot afford it? As for the BMs that haven't ordered it yet -- give them the 2 or 3 dates that the store offers ... 

    "Order by THIS date for it to arrive THIS TIME. Or your can order by THIS date, but you'll have to pay a rush fee" so they can do it in their own time (if it requires being ordered well in advance)
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    I did ask them all what they could afford. I don't want just any black dress, I would like them to be the same. But, since they gave me their budget, one is saying she can't do it now. Its just frusterating.
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    In my opinion $80 is reasonable.I had to spend $250 on a periwinkle princess ball gown I will NEVER wear again for a friend's wedding. She also wanted us all to get periwinkle dye-able shoes (gag) but we talked her into any silver shoes we already had.
    You can offer to pay the $80 for her dress if you want.

    (side note: she is divorced now, about 18months later)
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    I completely understand...I do not think $80 is unreasonable. Ask her if she could pay installments to you or the store. I too want everyone in the same dress, so if you found a LBD you like, stick to it.
    If the girls dont order their dresses before the stores deadline, thats on them. But remind them how important it is to get it ordered or they may have to pay a rush fee.
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