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Bridesmaids are ASKING me to delegate tasks to them - what can I have them do?

Yes, I know most people come here with the opposite problem (they are expecting their bridesmaids to be super excited and involved in the planning and the bridesmaids aren't doing anything). And don't get me wrong - I'm happy that I have such wonderful friends who have the time, money, and willingness to help me out. But one of my bridesmaids who lives a couple of hours away is going to be in town next week and has been talking to my other bridesmaids and they want to hold a "meeting" while she's here so I can delegate some tasks to them (and yes, they were the ones using the word "delegate", not me!). 

I know once we get a little closer to the date, there are plenty of things I can have them help with (invite stuffing, centerpieces, favors, etc.), but we're still a little more than 7 months out right now. Also, I've been blessed with a fiance who is VERY involved in planning the wedding, and for the stuff that needs to be taken care of right now, I feel like the two of us have it pretty well under control (desinging STDs and invites, booking vendors, etc.).

Is there anything any of you had your bridesmaids helping you out with a lot earlier on? I love that they are so willing to help, I almost feel bad telling them to just "chill out" because I've got this one! Maybe I'm just too relaxed, but I feel like 7 months out, there isn't a lot I need help with right now. I'm actually just kind of excited that my girls have all found a time where everyone can get together at once to hang out... it's a rarity with everyone's busy schedules!
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