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Bridal party gifts?

I want to get the bridal party great gifts, but not too expensive.  I planned on getting the girls all tote bags, massages, and some jewelry!

  HOWEVER,,,, what do I get the guys?
   My Fiance wants to get them zippo lighters, which is great but they are expensive and I don't just want to get them one gift!

Any suggestions?Laughing

Re: Bridal party gifts?

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    If your FI wants to get them Zippos, then Zippos it is. If they are his friends, then he should be deciding on their gifts.

    I would personally rather have one gift I really liked, than several smaller gifts that I didn't like as much.

    Plus, for what it's worth, FI and his buddies really like Zippos.
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    Just one thing is fine.  I thought Zippos were around $20-30?  That's probably less than a massage, if you really want to get them a second gift.

    My FI loves his Zippo as well.
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    This is your FI's problem, not yours.  If he wants to get them zippos, let him get them zippos.  This isn't about what you want to give them; this is about what FI wants to give them.
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    I have to ditto the pps.  You choose your WPs gifts, he chooses his WPs gifts.  And for me:  a tote bag filled with little stuff would be less appreciated than a gc to my favorite restaurant or a gc to amazon so that I could get books for my kindle.

    The gifts don't have to be, and probably shouldn't be, matchy-matchy.  Pretend for a moment that you're not buying gifts for your WP, but that you're buying gifts for your dearest friends and family members.  Oh wait, that's exactly what you're doing.

    Now get them something that you'd buy for them on their birthday or for Christmas.
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    don't stress over that... he can choose. My dad gave swiss army knives, my FI has no clue yet...
    Just try to guide him into the right price range and call it good
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    FI loves his Zippo, I'm sure he'd appreciate getting a backup, especially because you can get all kinds of cool custom ones.

    Our attendants are getting one gift a piece.  Personally, I'd prefer to get one thing that I would really want than several trinkets that would just go to Goodwill.
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