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what to do... Bridesmaid drama

I had a really close knit group of 3 girls that I hung out with ALL the time when I got engaged so naturally I wanted them to be bridesmaids. I also have my sister, SIL, FSIL and 2 childhood friends that I am still close with and wanted to stand with me. BIG wedding party I know lol. But anyways, now 2 of the girls will not talk to me anymore. I got into an argument with "Jane's" husband "John". John was suposedly one of my FI's best friends. We are all on Beluga (which is a friends chat room type thing). My FI didnt like getting all of the notifications on his phone, so he left the chat room, and I stayed in. Well.. one day john told me that our marriage would fail because my Fi is a POS and a loser because he doesn't have a "real job" He owns his own mechanical business which he runs out of our garage. And that marriages with deadbeat husbands never work out... blah blah basically just bashing my FI up one side and down the other, and I let him know in NO uncertain terms how I felt about him saying these things to me, and not to my Fi's face bc John is always advocating to "say it to my face if you have something to say". Getting off topic lol sorry. Needless to say, my FI and him are no longer friends. But now his wife Jane will no longer speak to me because I dont like her husband. I have told her numerous times the way I feel about him has nothing to do with her. Her husband is no longer welcome in our home and she knows this so I told her that she is welcome but if she feels uncomfortable coming without him, I wouldnt be mad. I really wanted her to be in my WP and she said she would not attend gthe wedding without her husband so FI and I said if he could keep his negativity to himself and act liek an adult, thats fine, he can come to the wedding. But now she wont return any calls, texts, or emails. I cant get with her to discuss budget and what she can/cant afford in terms of dresses and shoes etc. And the other girl "Janet" was always closer to Jane than the rest of us, has now followed along in Janes footsteps and will no longer talk to me either. There is still over a year until our wedding and if this is how its going to be, I dont want to deal with the drama of trying to get them all on the same page when they wont even speak to me. I have talked to the other girl in our "group" who is still a VERY close friend, and she says they will answer calls, texts and emails from her, so apparently I am the one being blacklisted. I really dont want them in my WP anymore but dont know what to do. I know it is EXTREMELY rude to remove people from the WP that you have already asked. But would it really matter if there hasnt been anything set in stone as far as planning goes? Not too sure what to do, but definitely dont want 2 girls standing up for me that will not even speak to me......
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