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BM Advice?

So, I officially asked one of my very best friends to be my MOH.  I love her to death, but she's already running away with ideas.  She went as far as saying she had the BM dresses picked out already.

I kind of feel that she didn't get the exact wedding she wanted, and is therefore planning mine with that in the background.  I love her, and I couldn't be more exstatic that she's this excited.  I guess I'm just asking for advice/ideas to kind of "head her off at the pass" and remind her that this is MY & MY FIANCE'S wedding.

Relatedly, I was thinking of asking 2 other friends - both of whom I love - to be BMs.  However, one is in the middle of planning her wedding and the other is an 8+ -hour drive away.  I really really want them to be in the BP, but I also don't want them to feel obligated to spend tons of money on travel or be at every single event related to the wedding.  Advice??
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