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Wedding gift. To get or not to get?

A friend of mine is getting married in April, I am a bridesmaid. Her wedding is taking place in Savanah, GA (she also lives there- I live in Orlando FL- about 4 hours away). I have already purchased my dress ($150). I have traveled up there 3weekends to help with DIY projects. Her sister (MOH) and I have decided to throw her bridal party jointly (she has 4 other bridesmaids- 2 in high school and 2 out of state- her mother was going to throw it but she's already put out $5,000 towards the wedding and I know they're in a tight budget with money) so her sister and I decided to throw the bridal party together (I've spent about $200 on decor and such and I'll spend anoth $200 on food). I still also have to pay for my hair and make up and prchase shoes. All in all I will (after travel expenses -hotels- gas etc..., my dress, shoes, hair and make up and bridal party) I will have spent almost $1,000 on this wedding. I am planning on skipping the bachelorette party and I wasn't planning on giving her a wedding or bridal party gift to save money as we have other things going on this year as far as vacations and such. Is that rude or inconsiderate on my behalf? We've tried to ask they other birdesmaids to contribute to the bridal party but they two who are in high school can't and the two who are out of state both just got married and had children so they can't either. Can I get away with not giving gifts or attending the bachelorette party?
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