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I'm working on wedding ceremony programs, and by each person listed in the wedding party, I'm listing their relationships to me or the groom. For example, next to my sister's name, I'm writing "Sister of Bride."

I ran into a problem, though. One of my BM's is the groom's sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law to be. Do I put "Sister-in-Law of Groom"? Just "Sister-in-Law"?

The next one is even a little more difficult than that: The flower girl is the daughter of a friend of the groom. Do I list her as "Friend of Groom," which almost seems a little weird? And if I list her as "Daughter of Friend of Groom," that's getting a little wordy. Help!

Thanks for any suggestions!

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    ditto retread.  If I want to know how someone knows the bride or groom, I'll ask them.  You're making more work for yourself than you need to.

    A big good luck to you.
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    I am listing relationship on my programs, I would list the flowergirl as either Friend of the Couple or Friend of the couple's Daughter which is very wordy.  I would list the sister-in-law as the Sister-In-Law of the Groom.  The way I am writing mine is if the WP person is a relative I indicate whose, and if they are a friend I say Friend of  the Couple.

    Good Luck.
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