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How to fit my step father in...

Hello there,

So I'm a little bit torn I guess you could say on this. I have both a father and step father who has been a part of my life for about the past 10-11 years. I've never been really close to my father, but he was in a bad accident 9 years ago which left him permamently disabled and with traumatic brain injury, so I definitely want this to be one of his great memories during his life. (and he loves my step father too especially since he helped take care of him after the accident) I want both of them to be a part of the wedding ceremony, so I was thinking of having my step father walk me half way down the aisle and then hand me off to my father. My fiance wants him to also be a groomsman...can he do "double duty? Any opinions, suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Laughing

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