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Kick out FSIL or not?!?!? What to do??..LONG!

So I am getting married in September and one of my BM is my fiance's brothers wife. I was in her wedding last year and at the time we were getting along so i put her in mine. We have had our disagreements and recently she has been getting mad at me for writing on my friends facebook walls and not her's. She says that I say i want to be her friend, but I dont show it. My other friends I am closer with and we just we just are closer unlike her and I. She got mad because I commented on my FI sister's status and not her's. Dumb things like get her mad and she takes facebook really seriously cause she has no true friends. She has posted statuses that are directed toward me and everyone in the family knows they are toward me to. One day i decided to delete facebook because it was so distracting with school going on and she was so worried about it. I really think that she stalks my life and wants to know what I am doing. My FI and I are looking at houses and her and husband live in an apartment. When I talk about looking she gets very defensive saying "what's wrong with an apartment?" I never said apartments are bad, just not what we are looking for. She is an only child and part of me thinks that she has always gotten the best and now that we are getting married and have good jobs and are looking for a house, she is worried because she wont be the spotlight. I never said anything that would make her feel that way. They both have good jobs and a great life. Everytime we get in arguement she states "I'm thru, TAKE ME OUT OF YOUR WEDDING!!"
Recently we had another disagreement/argument involving her posting something that could be related toward me. Even my future mother in law knew it was.  I deleted my facebook so I dont have to feel like I have to tread carefully when I write to my friends. She is very insecure  and finally I have had enough of her crap and I just want to have someone up there who respect me, doesn't call me cruel, paranoid, a bitch...I told her i would like to have someone else besides her and so said "Sorry to late I already ordered the dress so you're stuck with me!" I dont believe her because she said she was going to order in April and when I asked what color she ordered, it was the wrong color. I haven't ask my other friend who has been there and supports me and we dont fight. Part of me says kicking her out could ruin things for a long time and part of me doesnt want her to be a bm because I know when I look back I will regret it. I want people up there that I like and respect and I think her only motive is to be up there with her husband and stand out. She will be in my family but is not my FI sister ( if that makes sense) What should I do?? MY FI agrees that there is no reason that she should be a bm and he only wants me to be happy. HELP!!
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