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Beyond rude bridesmaid

This is a part vent part question.  I've got four bridesmaids, two sisters and two friends.  So we went to the bridal convention to get ideas, meet vendors, and to help me get started on planning my wedding.  When talking with all of my girls, we agreed we would spend all day at the event so that we wouldn't miss any important info and experiences.  Once we entered the event, one of my bm started proclaiming herself a bride as well.  She's not even engaged.  She told us she was doing this so she could use the information for when she would be getting married.  At first I was only mildly irritated. 

Then we started watching a fashion show and got a chance to look at some possible bridesmaid dresses.  BM turned bride started telling me what she would and would not wear.  And not like detail stuff.  It was like, I won't wear that length of dress, that neckline, this color, to the point where my other bm friend told her to knock it off.  I was feeling overwhelmed that day so I needed some support and as soon as the fashion show was over, instead of sticking with me, she announced that she would go try on a wedding dress and would then be going home.  Needless to say I was kind of hurt by her behavior.

I thought ok, maybe I just should relax because she will be a bride one day too and I don't want to ruin her attempts at planning stuff.  So I asked my BMs to all be at my next dress appointment because I was indecisive so far.  Dress shopping was a struggle.  I hadn't asked for all of my BMs to help me with dress shopping before so I felt vulnerable.  The day before the appointment, I got a voicemail from BM turned bride saying she was sick and would not be going.  Oddly, she also gave the same message to one of my BMs for no apparent reason.  The morning of my appointment, we checked her facebook.  Instead of being sick, she was hanging out with a friend. 

How do I deal with a bridesmaid that is so infuriating?  People are all telling me to kick her out of my BP.  My sister had a very good point.  My wedding isn't until June.  If she already has offended me and my other BMs twice in two weeks time, how can I manage the next few months?
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