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xBM.. rant and advice wanted

my MOH stopped talking to me after my wedding. i tried calling, texting, emailing, FBing... nothing. a month after my wedding, i get an email from her, basically breaking up with me: "we've changed" (we've always been different) "i don't like how i was treated at your wedding" (I'll get back to that) "i think you should attend my wedding as a guest" (she had already asked me to be a BM)... 

I replied apologizing that she felt this way and said I'd rather not have this conversation via email. Didn't hear from her for another month. I tried getting in touch with her a few more times, no intention of discussing what happened, just to catch up. I gave up after a month or 2. she obviously thinks the silent treatment is a good problem-solving method. haven't heard from her since.

How did i wrong her? she didn't tell me. I wasn't a "bridezilla"--the day of the wedding I may have been slightly stressed and obsessive. But another BM told me i behaved reasonably, and i trust her judgement. She tells me when i'm being irrational, and doesn't sugarcoat or take sides. The only thing i expected of my girls was to get a dress (they could pick their own style) and show up for the wedding (this proved to be an issue). A month before the wedding she tells me she has something going on before the wedding and isn't sure when she'll get there. so I may have pressured her to give me a decisive answer on this. i'd like to know if I can expect my MOH to be at the altar before me. after the wedding i found out my aunt had been pressuring her about planning the shower, so maybe she thought that was my influence. Whatever I did, why won't she talk to me about it?

Now anytime I see her in my wedding photos or DVD, I'm reminded of our broken friendship and get upset. These are supposed to be happy memories and it's been ruined unless our friendship can be fixed. And if we're not friends again soon, doesn't look like I'll be going to her wedding at all, which also breaks my heart. Call me overdramatic, but I value friendships. Especially from my childhood, and we shared some truly precious memories, including meeting DH. We were best friends for 10 years. This wouldn't bother me if I didn't care about her so much.

This has been driving me crazy because there's nothing I can do. It seems like nothing I say will get her to talk to me. And I don't want to harass her (hence I haven't talked to her for a month or so). Anybody resolved their friendship after a BM breakup? Would love to hear that there's hope. Any advice or encouragement is appreciated...
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