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Help please!!

How do I break the news to two high school friends that they aren't in the wedding? When we were in high school (more than 5 years ago) we were going to be each other's bridesmaids. We've all moved on with our lives and we rarely see each other. So far this year, I have seen them once. When they invited me out post-engagement. After catching up a bit, they finally asked, "So are we bridesmaids?"
I told them no that I was going to do just family and have my cousins as junior bridesmaids. My problem is, I've since decided that two other close friends whom I speak to more frequently and feel far closer to than the others to be my bridesmaids. I don't want my other two friends to show up to the wedding and find out they weren't picked and our high school promise is long past its expiration date for me. So, how do I break the news to them? I'd still love to have them there for me as like guest book attendant or gift table or something but not as the girls by my side.
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